Park Policies

Check-in Checkout Policies

Check in any time after noon.

Check out anytime before noon.

Rent is due on your due date before noon.  You can pay early. Payment after noon on your due date will accrue a $10 a day late fee.

After 10 days of nonpayment you may be towed at your expense and held responsible for fees. 

Departure notice is a specific date in which another person could move into that site at noon.

Departure notice is required to be given a minimum of three days before departure. 

Site rate covers 2 people. There is an additional charge of $3 per person per day for additional people. 

Cancellation Policy

Reservations need to be changed or canceled up to 72 hours/at least three calendar days before the scheduled arrival date, or guests will be charged for their reservation.

Visitor Policy

Owner must be notified of guest on park.

  • Day guest $1
  • Overnight Guest $3

Family Policy

Children 12 and under must be chaperoned by an adult at all times.

Use playground equipment at your own risk.

Pet Policy

Pets must be kept on a leash at all times except in the dog area.

Pets must be cleaned up after everywhere in the park immediately after defecation even in your own site.

Pets may not be left unattended in the park.

Pets must not be aggressive.

Pet fence must be temporary and not staked into the ground.

Smoking Policy

All facilities are nonsmoking.

There will be a $100 fine per cigarette butt that are not disposed of properly.

Dumpster Policy

Dumpster will be emptied on Mondays and Thursdays.

Trash is not picked up from the campsite. 

Please take all trash to the dumpster that is conveniently located next to the office. 

Dumpster is for household trash only. 

Please break down big boxes to allow for more trash in the dumpster.

Trash must be contained to prevent littering.

Please place sharp objects into sealed containers such as a coffee can. 

All trash must go inside of the dumpster. 

Do not pile garbage on top or around the dumpster. 

Do not place items/bags on the concrete pad or lean items/bags against dumpster.

*Brenham Recycling accepts tires, used oil, and anything that is not household trash.*

Cleanliness Policies

Keep site cleaned up and orderly; no eyesores.

You need to skirt your camper if you use it as underneath storage.

Clean up after yourself on the property, in the bathhouse, and in the laundry facility.

$100 fine for littering.

Laundry Policies

Use site 50, when vacant, for restroom and laundry facility.

Laundry left in machine after stopped may be taken out and set on the folding table. Please be courteous of other guests.

Please elave machine clean for the enxt customer.

Mail Policies

All mail will be put in the box located on top of the ice machine.

New mail goes in the front of the box and old mail goes in the back.

Please check your mail at least once a week.

Mail left in the box for 30 days will be returned to sender.

Packages should be delivered behind the ice machine or on the steps.

We are NOT responsible for mail or packages.

All packages not picked  up in 30 days will be disposed of. 

Wifi Policies

Internet is designed for checking email and surfing the web.

Internet is free and is the best that is available in our area. 

Disruption in internet services is not an emergency.

General Policies

Quiet time is between 10 pm and 8 am Sunday through Thursday and midnight- 8 am Friday and Saturday.

Do not idle vehicles for longer than 5 minutes during quiet time.

No loud music.

No bad language.

Speed Limit is 5 mph.

Only drive on the road.

Only park at your site.

Do not park in front of ramps.

Do not put any foreign items in your toilet.  It is for human waste and toilet paper.  

Do not put baby wipes, condoms, sanitary products or anything else in the toilet.

Do not put any grease down the drain.

Get permission before digging holes or putting stakes in the ground.

Please be courteous and kind to other campers.

Do not go through other people's sites.

No parking, walking, or driving through other sites that are empty or occupied. 

Artesian RV Park and its affiliates are not responsible for damage or injury to persons or property.

Above ground fires only.

No shooting of firearms.

No fireworks.

If police are called out for a disturbance you will have to move out.

Please take care of our property while you are enjoying your stay.